Dr. Charlotte BerryBack to People

Department: Libraries and Archives
College appointment: College Archivist

What I Do Here

I am responsible for the College’s archive collections and run the archive reading room which is open to College staff, students, external researchers and members of the public. I look after all aspects of collection management for the archive collections and am also interested in object and rare book collections.

Academic Background

My first degree was in English Language and Scandinavian Studies from the University of Edinburgh (MA Hons 1999) where I specialised in sociolinguistics and historical linguistics as well as modern Danish language. I spent a year as a guest student at the University of Copenhagen and then returned to Denmark to teach English and to study WW2 history at Aarhus University. I completed a part-time PhD at the University of Edinburgh in 2013, with my thesis titled ‘Publishing, translation, archives: Nordic children’s literature in the United Kingdom, 1950-2000’. I am an Associate of the Swedish-English Literary Translators’ Association (SELTA).

Professional Experience

I trained as an archivist at the University of Wales Aberystwyth (MScEcon 2000/1) and wrote my dissertation on 19th century antiquarian records in Herefordshire. I was a Registered member of the Archives and Records Association from 2005-2019 and became one of the first Fellows of the ARA following the first pilot of this new level of ARA membership in spring 2019. I am also an Associate of the Museums Association (equivalent to ARA Registered status) and a Fellow of both the Society of Antiquaries of London and the Royal Historical Society.

I have previously worked as an Archivist at West Glamorgan Archive Service (HLF cataloguing project, Neath Antiquarian Society Papers), the University of Exeter Special Collections, National Archives of Scotland (Private Records), the Alfred Gillett Trust (C & J Clark Ltd, Quaker family and shoe archive in Somerset) and Hereford Cathedral. I joined Magdalen College in May 2017.

I am currently Chair of the Archive and Record Association’s Section for Archives and Museums which I founded in spring 2019, and I have been an assessor and mentor for the ARA’s Professional Development Programme since 2005. I was a Board member for the Archives and Records Association from 2016-2019 where I led a project to introduce a new CPD/Professional Development programme for the membership. From 2015-2019 I co-edited the ARA’s journal Archives and Records which is published twice annually by Taylor & Francis. This included guest editing a special issue on archives and museums in spring 2018. I am also a trustee of Hergest Trust Archives, a private family archive based in Kington, Herefordshire.


The focus of my current research interest is modern British publishing and literary papers, and the role of the archivist in their retention, preservation and access. I have also published and presented papers extensively on the history of Nordic language translation by 20th century British publishing houses. I am interested in collecting histories for archive and object collections, as well as private correspondence collections and medieval archives. I regularly review Swedish children’s books for the Swedish Book Review and occasionally review professional publications for Archives and Records and Social History in Museums.

Academic publications

NB Downloads of most of my publications are available here, including those also relating to archives and museums in my professional capacity.

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