Dr Adam KennyBack to People

Department: Anthropology
Academic position: Calleva Research Centre Postdoctoral Research Associate


I recently earned my DPhil in Anthropology at the University of Oxford, under the supervision of Dr Laura Fortunato. As of September 2020, I hold a position as Calleva Research Centre Postdoctoral Research Associate at Magdalen College, Oxford. I am an evolutionary anthropologist, with a background in both biology and anthropology; I hold a BA in Natural Sciences from the University of Cambridge (2012) and an MSc in Human Evolution and Behaviour from University College London (2013).

Research Interests

Broadly, I am interested in the role of inter-group dynamics on human prosociality. Specifically, my research focuses on the effects of group identity and inter-group competition on cooperation. My doctoral thesis involved extensive fieldwork in the city of Siena, Italy, among local ‘neighbourhoods’ known as the contrade. I mostly analyse quantitative data generated through field experiments employing behavioural economic games. I also have an avid interest in open research practices.