2023 Graduate Freshers’ paperwork

All new Graduate Freshers entering Magdalen in October 2023

We look forward to welcoming you to Magdalen.

Please click on the links below to download the College contract, forms, and documents that you need to prepare before you arrive. Please deal immediately with the paperwork that needs to be returned. You will need to send an additional separate passport-style photograph (i.e. head and shoulders, in colour) electronically with your forms.

All forms that require a signature must either be physically signed, or must have an electronic signature inserted, before being returned electronically. Typed-in names will not be accepted. The photograph and copies of all required forms (each saved as separate documents) must be returned in one email to the Tutorial Administrators, Louise Robson and Emma Booth, Magdalen College (tutorial.administrator@magd.ox.ac.uk), as soon as possible but to reach them no later than noon on Monday 4 September 2023. Forms should be returned in a standard format (Word or pdf formats are strongly preferred) and you must not embed the pages into the body of your email.

Forms to complete and return directly to the Tutorial Administrators by noon on Monday 4 September 2023 (PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR PHOTOGRAPH):

G23-1 College contract (please return the entire contract, as one saved document)
G23-2 Letter from the Tutor for Graduates and Tutorial Office form
G23-3 Letter from the College Librarian, Library Rules, and a Library Guide (the library ‘Undertaking’ form must be returned to the Tutorial Administrators)
G23-4 Note on Academic Dress and order form

Medical Notes and Immunisation information to be printed and read carefully. Registration with the College Doctor via link G23-5c to be completed online by noon on Monday 4 September 2023 (unless you are already registered with the College Doctor):

G23-5a Medical Notes
G23-5b Immunisation information
G23-5c Registration with the College Doctor (to be completed by noon on 4 September). Click the link and complete the forms that follow.

Important information to be downloaded, printed, and read carefully:

G23-6 College Induction Timetable and MCR Induction Timetable
G23-7 Letter from the President
G23-8 Letter from the President of the MCR
G23-9 MCR Graduate Freshers’ Guide
G23-10 Information on student computing in Magdalen College
G23-11 Letter from the College Chaplain
G23-12 Letter from the Home Bursar regarding accommodation (for students who have applied and have been allocated College accommodation)
G23-13 Letter from the Home Bursar regarding car parking (for students who have applied and have been allocated College accommodation)
G23-14 Note about Accommodation Licence Agreement and Specimen Summary Acceptance Form (for students who have applied and have been allocated College accommodation)
G23-15 Information and Regulations for Members of the College 2023-24. (You are required to read this thoroughly before coming up, but you do not need to print it as you will be given a copy on arrival.)
G23-16 University Student Handbook 2023/24 (please read the information in this handbook and save the link for future reference).
G23-17 Safe cycling in Oxford

2BM and Accelerated Medicine students only:

G23-18 Matthew Taylor Fund and Book Grant
G23-19 Accommodation charges for Elective and District Hospital Placement periods