Biological Sciences at Magdalen

Since its foundation in the fifteenth century, Magdalen has had a strong tradition of research and teaching in the natural sciences. We are one of the largest colleges in the University for Biology and typically admit six or seven Biologists each year. Biologists at Magdalen do very well and go on to many diverse and interesting careers, including a large proportion who pursue postgraduate degrees in biological subjects. One of the key reasons for this is that we have a large group of fellows involved in teaching, creating a vibrant and exciting environment to study biology. This includes three tutorial fellows and two professorial fellows. The teaching fellows are Professor Andrew Smith, who is a plant biologist specializing in cell physiology, biochemistry and adaptations to environmental stress;  Professor Kevin Foster is an evolutionary biologist specializing on cooperation in bacteria and other organisms; and Professor Stephen Goodwin is a Tutor in Biomedical Sciences who teaches genetics.  The professorial fellows are the Sherardian Professor of Botany and Keeper of the Botanic Garden, Liam Dolan, and Professor Stuart West, who is an expert on social evolution in humans and other animals.  Professor Laura Fortunato is a Tutor in Human Sciences with overlapping interests in evolutionary biology.