Tales of the river bank

12th March 2018

River bank

If you’ve recently been on Addison’s Walk, Magdalen’s beautiful riverside footpath, you would have noticed the bright yellow digger and dumper truck on the banks of the River Cherwell just behind the New Buildings.

For the last few months a small group of hardy workers have braved snow and ice to strengthen a section of the river bank.

The existing retaining wall had proved too thin for the job – hydrostatic pressure and toe erosion had weakened it beyond a simple repair – so major work was needed.

The existing retaining wall has now been removed and a large trench excavated behind it. Over the next few weeks this trench will be backfilled with concrete blocks and the facing of the wall will be replaced with limestone to closely match the original stone.

Deer Park small

The disruption has been kept to a minimum – the College deer seemed unmoved by their new guests, and the College visitors are still enjoying the show of spring flowers on Addison’s Walk – and the work is due for completion just before Trinity Term.

The College takes it riparian responsibility seriously and has worked closely with the statutory authorities to ensure that Addison’s Walk remains one of the most beautiful spots in Oxford. We hope to see you there soon.