Fellowship By Examination (JRF) Competition

11th September 2017

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Each year the College proposes to elect up to four Fellows by Examination (elsewhere known as Junior Research Fellows). Each Fellowship is tenable for three years. The Fellow is a member of the Governing Body of the College for the first two years and is entitled to: free lunches and dinners in College; a research allowance; and partnered accommodation in College free of charge or, alternatively, a taxable housing allowance. Successful candidates who decide to live out of College may have use of shared office space in College.  Fellows by Examination are expected to live in the Oxford area, and his/her research base must be in Oxford.

Application details can be found on our Job Vacancies page via and the online application website for candidates to register and begin the application process is

The deadline for submission of completed applications (which includes written work) is Thursday 12 October 2017.