Elisabeth Bolorinos Allard awarded doctoral prize

28th March 2018


Dr Elisabeth Bolorinos Allard, Fellow by Examination in Medieval and Modern Languages at Magdalen, has been awarded the Doctoral Publication Prize by the Association of Hispanists of Great Britain and Ireland, and the Spanish Embassy.

Elizabeth studied History and Economics at the University of California, Berkeley, before completing her Master’s in History at the University of Edinburgh and her Doctorate in Modern Languages at Trinity College, Oxford. She joined Magdalen in January from Balliol, where she taught Spanish.

Elisabeth’s work spans the fields of Spanish literature and history, cultural studies, colonial studies, and race theory, and she is particularly interested in how cultural identity is defined in relation to ethnicity, language, and faith in colonialist and nationalist ideologies.

Her recent research examines Spanish portrayals of Muslim and Jewish cultures in colonial Morocco in the early twentieth century, drawing out questions about Spain’s own cultural identity that emerged as a result of its contact with North Africa.

The prize will cover the publication of her thesis by Tamesis Books.