Dr Lionel Clowes

27th September 2016


The College is very sad to announce that Emeritus Fellow Dr. F. A. Lionel Clowes has died at the age of 95. Dr Clowes came up to Magdalen as an Exhibitioner to study Botany in 1941 and then served as a Captain in the British Army from 1942-1945. He returned to the College to finish his undergraduate studies in 1945 and took his DPhil in 1949. He was a lecturer in Botany at Magdalen from 1954-68 and was a Tutorial Fellow from 1968-88. During this period he was also Tutor for Graduates and Dean of Degrees. He became an Emeritus Fellow in 1988.

In the 1950s Dr Clowes discovered the quiescent centre, an inert group of cells maintained within the apex of plant roots. This was some of the earliest research which led to the concept of stem cells. More details on his research can be found here.