Oxford African & Caribbean Society come to Magdalen

14th March 2019


Last month Magdalen welcomed back the Oxford African & Caribbean Society (ACS) who held their annual Offer Holders’ Day at College for the second year.

The Offer Holders’ Day is an opportunity to welcome students of Black African and Caribbean heritage to Oxford and to the ACS family, to provide them with subject specific revision tips, and to give them an insight into life as an Oxford undergraduate. It’s also an opportunity for students to get to know a little about our college, with lunch in Hall, a tour, and a chance to chat with our student ambassadors.


“It is students of Black African and Caribbean heritage who are most likely to reject or miss their offers,” explained an ACS Access Rep. “This initiative is an effort to revoke this trend by encouraging and inspiring the students who struggle to see themselves in places like Oxford and to introduce them to Oxford ACS as a point of contact.”

One attendee commented, “My experience at the ACS Offer Holders’ Day made me want to come to Oxford even more! The committee were all so supportive and helpful, and the advice I was given concerning my A-Levels really helped.

“Hearing the personal experiences of some of the committee members allowed me to see that not everyone that goes to Oxford University is the ‘stereotypical’ Oxford student.”

“This day is extremely important because it provides an opportunity for the students to experience Oxford outside of an interview setting and bridge the gap between obtaining an offer and accepting/making it,” explained Sarah Rosson, Magdalen’s JCR Admissions and Access Rep. “The enthusiasm of all who participated was fantastic to see, and the effort of the ACS is inspiring for the future prospect of initiatives to make Oxford a more diverse place.

“The day was highly positively focused, looking at all that can be achieved and how to ensure it can happen.”

Luiza Farache Trajano, a Magdalen ambassador who helped on the day, added, “I really enjoyed helping out with the ACS Offer Holders’ Day. It was amazing to see the hard work that the Society put in and I was honoured to be, albeit a small, part of the efforts”.


We look forward to collaborating further with the ACS on Monday 15 April, when we will be co-hosting the ACS English Study Day. Learn more about the ACS-English Study Day.

These collaborations form part of our broader series of outreach events organised by Magdalen College. For more details and to get in contact with our Outreach Officer Ed Dodson, please click here.