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Department: Development Office
College appointment: Development Director (Interim)
Phone: 01865 286682

Heather holds a BA in Anthropology from Vassar College in New York. She began her career in finance before ultimately taking up the reins as Director of Planned Giving for her alma mater.
In 2008, after a decade fundraising in the US, she came to the University of Oxford, first to set up fundraising for the new Green-Templeton College and then to lead an ambitious campaign as Development Director and Fellow at ‘Univ’. Since 2013, she has provided consultancy advice to over 10 colleges and departments in Oxford but since joining Magdalen in September 2017, it’s clear which one is her favourite!

Role in the College
Heather Ebner oversees the College’s legacy programme, working closely with some of Magdalen’s most loyal supporters. As advisor, she also contributes to the work of the Development Director, helping to plan fundraising activity and to cultivate vibrant relationships with benefactors.